Where Angels Connect
Where Angels Connect

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I was four years old when I first saw an Angel. She tucked me into bed, kissed my forehead and said everything is going to be ok. I believed her.

Since that moment, Angels and guides have shown up exactly when I needed them, at the right time and place without fail. They encouraged me, guided me, warned me and always loved me. They never ever let me down.

After a challenging childhood and the loss of multiple family members in a short period of time, including my only daughter Alyshia (Rosie), my gifts started to expand rapidly and I could feel spirit calling me forward, showing me what my life purpose is and the reason all the challenges and losses had occurred in my life.

My connections to Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and the Other-side has shown me that helping others with hope, healing, clarity and connection is possible and the ability for them to move forward from life’s challenges, grief, loss, traumas, unanswered questions and more.

I am humbled and honoured that you have come to my website in search of hope and healing. It does start with you, first and foremost, then together with Angels, Guides, Ancestors and Ascended Masters we can begin your road to taking back your life with joy and grace.

If you feel guided to reach out, please proceed to the schedule appointment tab and I will be in touch soon.

Tammy and Rosie