About Tammy

My connection to Angels and Guides helped me through the many challenges and traumas throughout my life. As an adult, I was determined to make sure life was calm, stable and filled with Angelic energy and a spirit guided, joy filled life.

I am grateful to have accomplished this goal.

I am finally out of the spiritual closet and feel happy and whole.

Staying connected to my daughter has been the driving force behind it all. She is an incredible loving guide for me each and every day.

Since 2014, with the guidance from Spirit, Angels and my daughter Alyshia (Rosie), I have become totally open to spirit and connecting to the other side, channeling, and have studied and became certified in many healing modalities along the way. The hope and healing I have received since being on this journey, has been incredible.

Having a mother that believed in God and was also very open to spirit and the “other side”, started me on my path to living my truth as a person who believes in God and is very aware and connected to angels and spirit. I grew up around numerology, astrology, crystals, tarot etc. It was a normal part of life for me, and is a part of who I am.

I have now learned to cherish and embrace my gifts and I feel very humbled and grateful to be able to help others on their journey to their own hope, healing, clarity and connection.

It is possible to have a joyful life after great trauma and/or great loss.

Sincerely with love ;

Tammy Arbour 

Heart as a rock



*Certified Reiki Practitioner
*Certified Shambala Practitioner
*Certified Ohana Generational Healing Practitioner
*Certified Death Doula
*Spiritual Mentoring-Angel’s Realm Therapy- Beverley Cant
*Mediumship & Channeling & Meditation- Rose Heart Wellness Therapies- Carol Ann Glenn
*Channeling, Mediumship, Meditation- School of Miracles- Heather Scavetta
*Mediumship 101- Olive Readers- Mark Hamilton
*Advanced One on One mentoring mediumship – Lana Zilinski – Medium/ Teacher/ Mentor – course included mediumship connection, angel communication, advanced understanding of the spiritual realm, animal communication, practical experience with clients, expansion and understanding of my many gifts from spirit.

*Certified Past Life Regression Therapy (with Dr. Brian Weiss)
*Completed Hospice & Bereavement Families of Ontario training.
*Volunteered at B.F.O
*Volunteered at Hospice Waterloo
*Volunteered at The Seasons Centre for Grieving Children
* Diploma in Child and Adult Psychology

Lastly, since childhood I have been learning and applying astrology, numerology, Tarot and Channeling Angels. I have also survived and thrived through the challenges and traumas of life and still have love and hope in my heart to share with all of you.