My Offerings

PLEASE NOTE: that all services are available,  via Zoom or FaceTime or in person. 



Hope, Healing, Clarity, Connection
Healing/ Therapy Session

90 minutes 

During this 90 Minutes session, you decide what type type of healing you are searching for at this time. I will compassionately hold the space for you with the assistance of your Angels/Guides, the Ascended Masters and loved ones on the “other-side’.

HOPE – Are you feeling hopeless? Hope Is always present, even when you can not seem to find it on your own. You have unlimited access to Hope when you make the conscious effort, and decide that you want to become aware of it and believe that you can, once again; feel hopeful and take it out into the world with you each day.

HEALING – Life can be very difficult and overwhelming at times, and can leave you feeling unwell mentally, physically and spiritually. When you make the loving decision that you are now, ready, willing and able to allow some healing to occur for yourself; it is available in abundance for you.

CLARITY – Clarity fades away when you allow confusion, chaos, stress and over thinking to take over your mind, heart and soul. Everything becomes a blur. Thoughts are foggy, so frustration and despair can take over. With some gentle, but loving and profound spiritual guidance from your own Angels, Guides and loved ones, you can lift the blocks and receive the clarity you are in need of at this time.

CONNECTION – Trauma, grief and stress can leave feeling dis-connected in so many ways. You feeling re-connected to your higher self, loved ones here on earth, Angels/ Guides and to your loved ones on the “other side”, will help you feel supported, loved, seen and also will empower you to step into your life with more joy, confidence, calm and peace.

You are so worthy.

angel meditation

Free Gift

A free gift from me to you all. My first channeled meditation. Thank you for blessing this space.  I hope you all enjoy