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PLEASE NOTE: that all services are available,  via Zoom or FaceTime or in person. 



Hope, Healing, Clarity, Connection
Healing/ Therapy Session

90 minutes / $150

During this 90 Minutes session, you decide what type type of healing you are searching for at this time. I will compassionately hold the space for you with the assistance of your Angels/Guides, the Ascended Masters and loved ones on the “other-side’.

HOPE – Are you feeling hopeless? Hope Is always present, even when you can not seem to find it on your own. You have unlimited access to Hope when you make the conscious effort, and decide that you want to become aware of it and believe that you can, once again; feel hopeful and take it out into the world with you each day.

HEALING – Life can be very difficult and overwhelming at times, and can leave you feeling unwell mentally, physically and spiritually. When you make the loving decision that you are now, ready, willing and able to allow some healing to occur for yourself; it is available in abundance for you.

CLARITY – Clarity fades away when you allow confusion, chaos, stress and over thinking to take over your mind, heart and soul. Everything becomes a blur. Thoughts are foggy, so frustration and despair can take over. With some gentle, but loving and profound spiritual guidance from your own Angels, Guides and loved ones, you can lift the blocks and receive the clarity you are in need of at this time.

CONNECTION – Trauma, grief and stress can leave feeling dis-connected in so many ways. You feeling re-connected to your higher self, loved ones here on earth, Angels/ Guides and to your loved ones on the “other side”, will help you feel supported, loved, seen and also will empower you to step into your life with more joy, confidence, calm and peace.

You are so worthy.

Angel looking

$65 – 30 min. Angel Reading

I will connect to Angels and Guides to channel their wisdom to help bring clarity for questions you may have and connect to the other-side to bring you some hope and healing. The Universe, Spirit and your loved ones have so much wisdom to share.

$100 – 60 min. Angel Reading

I will connect to Angels and Guides to channel their wisdom to help bring clarity for questions you may have and connect to the other-side to bring you some hope and healing. With this longer session you may ask more questions and get more answers. There is an abundance of wisdom and guidance available from your loved ones, Spirit and the Universe.

Eagle overview

$150 – 90 min. Combination Readings

I will use all the modalities available to me including ~ Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Channeling and my Angel and Eagle guided Intuition to open up all the doors to the Spirit and the Angelic realms. This will allow for the flow of information to expand the channeling from Spirit to have more detailed information. You may ask questions for yourself, your children and/or animals. This is a complete reading with a question and answer period throughout. This time period will allow you to open up fully and expand to be able to hear and know that Spirit is always with you to offer hope, healing, clarity and connection.

$100 – Distance Reiki/ Shambala Energy Healing – 60 min

Most aches and pains in daily life that have not been caused by an accident, injury, inherited or a disease, are a result of blocked energy throughout the body chakra and meridian systems. We hold so much stress, grief, anger, resentment, depression, fear and many more energetic feelings in the body everyday. This can result in less energy, joy, freedom from pain and just an overall lack of well being.

Using my hands and loving connection to spirit, I call in your Angels and guides for your highest and best healing always. The energy will start to flow as you open up to the healing given to you from the Devine source of love. 

I will start at your head and step by step reach your toes. 

Shambala is an version of Reiki that operates on a higher vibrational plane, it enables faster energy transfers at high frequencies. It helps you connect or re-connect you to your whole self. 

Start to feel whole again with distant Reiki/ Shambala treatments in the comfort of your own home or where ever you choose to be. Together we can start your healing journey to wellness. 

$150 – Ohana Generational Healing –  90 min

Family trauma is inherited through the DNA. The patterns continue for many generations and causes much distress, dysfunction and brokenness. I will use loving, spiritually guided energy to move and breakdown the trapped trauma in your DNA. This powerful modality will help with trapped DNA traumas for past, present and future family members. This is a gift that does not just help you but many generations before and after you. Trapped emotions will be released only when you are ready to do so.

Free yourself and open up to the incredible healing possibilities available to you.

The selfless gift that keeps on giving.

Grief Support 60 mins-$60

Grief Support

Past Life Regression Therapy

$ 222      90 minutes (approx)

During your PLR session, we will work in harmony to gently guide you into a light state of hypnosis; which is simply a state of concentrated awareness. This supportive process will allow you to go back into a past life, or your current childhood if desired. This will allow you to gently retrieve memories that are stored in your sub-conscious and my be negatively influencing your current life. For example: fears, phobias, limiting beliefs or have you finding yourself repeating difficult patterns that have you feeling stuck. This session may help you better understand your mind, body, soul connection and assist in your spiritual growth. The aim is to help you to live a more integrated lifestyle, in the here and now. When you participate in your own healing and growth the process has a profound impact in your current life. When you are ready to receive self healing, the universe guides you forward with immense love and support.

* Multiple sessions may be required to reach optimal clarity and healing.


past life
angel meditation

Free Gift

A free gift from me to you all. My first channeled meditation. Thank you for blessing this space.  I hope you all enjoy