My Offerings

PLEASE NOTE: that all services are available,  via Zoom or FaceTime or in person. 



 Ohana Generational Healing –  90 min

Family trauma is inherited through the DNA. The patterns continue for many generations and causes much distress, dysfunction and brokenness. I will use loving, spiritually guided energy to move and breakdown the trapped trauma in your DNA. This powerful modality will help with trapped DNA traumas for past, present and future family members. This is a gift that does not just help you but many generations before and after you. Trapped emotions will be released only when you are ready to do so.

Free yourself and open up to the incredible healing possibilities available to you.

The selfless gift that keeps on giving.

angel meditation

Free Gift

A free gift from me to you all. My first channeled meditation. Thank you for blessing this space.  I hope you all enjoy