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PLEASE NOTE: that all services are available,  via Zoom or FaceTime or in person. 



Past Life Regression Therapy

$ 222      90 minutes (approx)

During your PLR session, we will work in harmony to gently guide you into a light state of hypnosis; which is simply a state of concentrated awareness. This supportive process will allow you to go back into a past life, or your current childhood if desired. This will allow you to gently retrieve memories that are stored in your sub-conscious and my be negatively influencing your current life. For example: fears, phobias, limiting beliefs or have you finding yourself repeating difficult patterns that have you feeling stuck. This session may help you better understand your mind, body, soul connection and assist in your spiritual growth. The aim is to help you to live a more integrated lifestyle, in the here and now. When you participate in your own healing and growth the process has a profound impact in your current life. When you are ready to receive self healing, the universe guides you forward with immense love and support.

* Multiple sessions may be required to reach optimal clarity and healing.


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Free Gift

A free gift from me to you all. My first channeled meditation. Thank you for blessing this space.  I hope you all enjoy