My Offerings

PLEASE NOTE: that all services are available,  via Zoom or FaceTime or in person. 



$100 – Distance Reiki/ Shambala Energy Healing – 60 min

Most aches and pains in daily life that have not been caused by an accident, injury, inherited or a disease, are a result of blocked energy throughout the body chakra and meridian systems. We hold so much stress, grief, anger, resentment, depression, fear and many more energetic feelings in the body everyday. This can result in less energy, joy, freedom from pain and just an overall lack of well being.

Using my hands and loving connection to spirit, I call in your Angels and guides for your highest and best healing always. The energy will start to flow as you open up to the healing given to you from the Devine source of love. 

I will start at your head and step by step reach your toes. 

Shambala is an version of Reiki that operates on a higher vibrational plane, it enables faster energy transfers at high frequencies. It helps you connect or re-connect you to your whole self. 

Start to feel whole again with distant Reiki/ Shambala treatments in the comfort of your own home or where ever you choose to be. Together we can start your healing journey to wellness. 

angel meditation

Free Gift

A free gift from me to you all. My first channeled meditation. Thank you for blessing this space.  I hope you all enjoy