I recently had a past life regression session with Where Angels Connect, and I must say it was an intriguing experience. Tammy guided me through a deep relaxation process, and I found myself immersed in vivid memories. It was like watching a movie of my life. The emotional connections and insights I gained were powerful and thought- provoking. The session was a unique and enlightening journey. It’s an experience I would recommend for those seeking a deeper
understanding of themselves. You won’t regret


I connected with Tami thru a live video she was pulling cards that night in September 2021.

I had lost my husband in March 2021 and found out  that I myself  am terminally ill in late summer.

Overwhelmed to say the least. That evening I asked for a card and when she pulled it, she started to speak, then she said just a minute.  The next messages that she spoke were straight from my husband. No question, no doubt, nothing but absolute surety.

I started attending online lives since and my spiritual journey has been aided and supported by her genuine caring texts, and channeling sessions.  I have my own communication line to spirit now but still need and receive support.  We have become not only client and reader, student and mentor, but friends. You can watch the video that started my journey on her Facebook page.

My husband comes thru very clear as do my guides during a session. So much healing, clarity, love and guidance.

I trust her completely and side note , my husband will only talk to her and one other friend who is a medium. Trust and respect were cornerstones for him.

I will continue with Tami until I cross thru the veil, then I will send her messages from my higher vantage point.😉



TODAY was a great day and that day was completed with a reading from Tammy, I bought the combo reading. You see, I have been on this journey for a very long time, 58 years young to be exact and yesterday I “opened a door” that has been keeping me imprisoned for all those years. I walked through it, faced it, embraced it and forgave it. I turned around and walked back up those stairs that were once dark and now are sooooo bright & illuminated, I almost need sunglasses. I still had questions though, questions of the heart for I was at a fork in the road in my life and not sure which way to turn and I needed help AND this my friends, is how I ended up with Tammy. I have been to other mediums, channellers, facilitators of these modalties before and have never, in my life (yes you read that right), had so much clarity when I left the session. The session was so real, authentic and so genuine that I felt like I was sitting in a room with my Higher Self, my Spirit Guides, my Angel Guides and my Father (passed over) having a conversation. Everything that I was thinking in my head, came out through words through Tammy. Her whimsical laughter was a mirror of myself and it was an experience like no other. Have you ever felt that way from a session like this? I haven’t and with strong conviction I confirm to you that I spoke to my Higher Self, my Angel Guides, my Spirit Guides and my Father yesterday. I now have clarity on my entire life, everything makes sense and the trajectory my life will take now from that fork in the road. I have been searching for a soul, a genuine soul like this for a long time and divine timing always comes into play and yesterday God knew I needed Tammy and it was all because I was open to receive, with no expectations, no skepticism. I will even go one step further and say this to you, contact me and I will tell you again that you have no reason to keep trying to find a facilitator like her. I have done the work for you, you only need to come here, just like I will. For I am Carolyn Helena and finding Tammy has changed my life.

My session with Tammy was amazing. Her strong connection to Spirit infused with her Wisdom, Intuition and Heart Centered approach was healing and gave me clarity and more understanding into my own journey. She is very gifted!
Thank you Tammy for being You!

Kimberly Hedge RMT 

Kimberly Hedge



I highly recommend connecting with Tami and all she has to offer. I received the Ohana Generational Healing session and at first I wasn’t sure what to expect with it being done remotely and how I would really “feel” it, but man did I feel it. Major changes being seen and felt already. I love her “what’s up Wednesday’s” Facebook lives as she certainly has a way of speaking to our hearts. Her connection with spirit & angels is on point and the connection she has with her daughter who has passed can give so much hope to those who are grieving, it’s truly beautiful. I look forward to being a part of her journey ❤️

Amy Lichti

Time with Tammy is insightful, uplifting, and healing all at ths same time.  Thank you for sharing your time, energy, and  gifts with all of us.

Brian Banks


I’ve been attracted to Tami’s work for years. Her energy, her passion and the way in which she sees people is fascinating! As a result, I felt called to book a session with her.

Before our session together, I felt the energy in my belly. It felt as if there were a group of butterfly’s moving from one side of my stomach to the next. I was eager, ready & willing to receive the information that would come through her.

This following year, my mother passed away. I’ve been experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions. From sadness, to anger, to fear. When my mother came through Tami I felt scared. It was her. It was my mother. I could feel it. Tami spoke her words & used her humour. I began to feel calm, safe.

The main focus of the meeting was numerology! I was attracted to what she shared with me regarding my numbers. My sister & I were twins boys in the past. We have been connected to one another in our past lives! I embodied those words because I do feel a deep connection to my sister, a bond like no other! She had also mentioned different parts of me. My strengths and my weaknesses which again were spot on! It’s as if she was diving into my soul and presenting it to me on a platter. It reassured me that I was on the right path.

I walked away from the call feeling lighter & eager to move forward in a direction that further aligns with my gifts.

I’m thankful for Tami. Her time and the value she placed upon my life. I am forever grateful for her.



I had the pleasure of mentoring Tami in my advanced mediumship program. Tami is a a beautiful soul with just a genuine connection to the Spirit dimensions. Tami’s presence and energy is infectious, she’s a game changer who exudes courage, love and healing. Its evident through her commitment to her work that Tami believes that spiritual connection and healing is possible for everyone. I highly recommend a session with Tami, her heart centered sessions are profound.

Lana Zilinski
The Hawk and I